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What is Leicester Citizen Sensor?

Leicester Citizen Sensor has been developed by De Montfort University for the City of Leicester. The aim is to encourage Citizen Science and a participatory approach to tackling Leicester’s future. The project is supported by the Leicester Urban Innovation Lab.

  • Citizen Science is about using collaborative volunteers to offer insights into the city from a community perspective.
  • Participatory cities are co-creative. They are about designing and delivering cities made by everyone, and targeted at everyone.

Citizen Science provides a platform for people living and working in Leicester to have their say on the state of the city, as well as offering suggestions for how the city might be improved. By providing a space for anonymised, community-driven snapshots, Citizen Sensor supports smart data sharing in the city, and smarter approaches to policy making. Evidence shows that where citizens share more insights and views, then better policy action follows.



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