This is a public platform, designed for other registered users to read other posts, within set topics. You will be given a numeric identifier for your account and posts but users need to exercise caution against revealing personal information. We ask that you respect others and their posts, and use the platform sensibly and sensitively. Posts and user contributions will be monitored for any bad practice.

All users will need to register with Leicester Citizen Sensor to ensure that users are genuine citizens of Leicester. New users will need to authenticate their email before using the platform. We ask for your age and postcode, to ensure that no vulnerable individuals are using the platform without further permissions. We ask for gender and ethnicity to monitor demographic interest in the service.

if you are having problems registering, please email Rachel Granger at rachel.granger@dmu.ac.uk

if you would like to delete your account and all of your posts and attachments, go to the Profile Settings (top right hand corner), where there is a function to ‘Delete My Account’

Photo attachments are authorised before being released to Citizen Sensor and individual posts are added to selected topics, for other registered users to view and comment on.

Posting a message by drawing on a topic in the left hand column, allows your post to be read by others interested in the same topic, and for you to read other posts.

The topics are created either from the emerging content of posts or from public interest in a specific area e.g. Lockdown or Cycle Lanes. The Trending areas help to create new topics.

Some posts are specific to neighbourhoods or to a specific community in Leicester. We have added 70 Leicester areas for users to use, rather than use geo drop pins. This will allow users to pinpoint posts to local areas comment safely, without revealing personal location/data.

If you would like more information about Leicester Citizen Sensor, you can contact Rachel Granger at De Montfort University - rachel.granger@dmu.ac.uk